They Don’t Trust You

Here are some thoughts on public involvement that I thought you’d find interesting, as well as some new takes on trust in government and business – or the constantly eroding lack thereof.

And, in this election year, words are scrutinized more than ever so we’ll explore a few. And to wrap up the issue, how could you possibly resist a 4,000 year-old flatulence joke?

Take comfort…spring training’s right around the corner…and Happy President’s Day!


Who’s Involved?  

It’s tough to find real public engagement done by federal government or even states. The consequence of that fact – a lack of trust – you’ll find addressed in the series of stories below. There is hope, however…it looks like the cities are stepping up:

Our colleague, Larry Schooler, had an interesting take on the subject in a recent Huffington Post…

Have you ever facilitated a group of people who just want to sit on their hands, won’t speak up and won’t give you anything to work with? You might try this:

Can Yelp Rebuild Trust in Government? 

You might be using Yelp and a couple of other rating sites more routinely these days to help make all kinds of decisions and figure out who’s really good and trustworthy. That system isn’t infallible, but a recent Governing Magazine story proposes an intriguing idea. What do you think?

There’s a Pew Research report that’s found only 19 percent of people trust government most or all of the time, about the lowest level in half a century. Fifty-five percent of people say ordinary citizens would do a better job of solving big problems than do elected officials. Fifty-nine percent say government is in need of “very major reform.” Fifty-seven percent of people say they’re “frustrated” and 22 percent say they’re “angry.” Both sides – R’s and D’s – think they’re the losers. Folks, we have a problem:

Trust means having confidence in someone else’s actions. High-trust businesses are reported to be 2.5 times more likely to experience revenue growth than low-trust organizations:

Any solution has to start with the things that you can control or influence. If you’re in any kind of management position here’s what you can do:

The Word That Almost Killed the Climate Change Deal  

Words matter. A lot. It’s easy to dismiss the language that you’re using. Words that mean one thing to you and your own professional network might mean something completely different to the public or to your other stakeholders. Here’s a critical example:

Generation X (those born early 60’s to early 80’s) communicates differently than Generation Y (those born early 80’s to early 2000’s). Words and phrases that GenX has been using to convey one idea mean something very different to GenY:

New words and slang enter the language all the time. Some stick and some don’t…it’s a groovy phenomenon. It’s also interesting to see where they come from and how they spread. I’m unbothered by critics who say that this is a waste of time:

In an attempt to explain hard-to-explain things, no tool works better than the creative use of analogy – comparing the usually incomparable — comparing something unfamiliar to something quite familiar. Using analogy well is a creative exercise that talented wordsmiths have used since the earliest philosophers:

Weekend Reading  

As the highly sophisticated person that I am, I was pleased to learn that the oldest joke in recorded history is a Sumerian fart proverb from 1900 B.C. This news vindicates dads everywhere. I thought you’d enjoy the following — the 100 jokes that shaped comedy:

We’ll Also Train You at Your Place  

We’ll Also Train You at Your Place

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