Targeted Training to Assist Companies Improve Public Participation and
Implement Crisis Prevention Measures

Gaining public participation can be difficult and you need to be prepared to deal with a variety of public sentiment towards your projects.  We offer training and coaching in crisis prevention, public participation and situational awareness among other topics.

Utilizing our real world global experience we’ll show you how to discover potential problems and develop a plan of action before problems can impact your credibility, assets and position. Learning the right techniques saves you time, money, lawsuits and improves your company’s image.

John kept people involved and gave us excellent tools to use for better public participation. These tools will make us much more successful with our public and civic engagements. Anyone who is involved with public meetings and wants to have positive outcomes should take these courses.
            -Kathy S. Rice, Assistant City Manager

Training and Coaching classes include:

Certificate in Public Participation from the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) — The global standard for public involvement and consensus building. You’ll earn a Certificate in Public Participation from IAP2 after completion of the two-day Planning, one-day Communication, and two-day Techniques classes. (Delivered by a course developer and IAP2 master trainer.)

Emotion, Outrage and Public Participation – A two-day course building on the principles of effective public participation and the work of Dr. Peter Sandman, a pre-eminent global authority on risk and crisis communication.

Public Participation for Decision-makers – A half-day IAP2 course covering the principles and foundations of effective, authentic public participation and consensus building.

Who are These People and Why Do They Hate Me? (Public Involvement 2.0) — A half-day to two-day customized class/workshop that focuses on managing public situations when relationships are already broken, public trust is low, and citizen concern is high.

Working Effectively with News Media – Customized half-day to two-day spokesperson coaching and workshop.

Crisis Prevention and Consequence Management – Customized half-day to two-day course to train internal teams, recognize potential problems and develop audit, prevention, preparation, response, and recovery systems.

Situational Awareness – Half- day to two-day issue assessment and management workshop to help clients identify and manage emerging or existing problems and opportunities that can impact their assets, position, image, competitiveness performance and credibility.