Projects Overview

Godec, Randall & Associates Inc. assist with issue and crisis management and help improve community engagement and public involvement for their corporate and public sector client’s projects. Done right, community engagement can serve as a catalyst for changing policies, programs and practices.

John Godec is the former Director of Issues and Crisis Management for the global Semiconductor Products Sector of Motorola Corporation. His experience, ability to react to problems quickly and team of experienced researchers means your problems are resolved quickly and to your satisfaction.

When you work with Godec, Randall & Associates Inc. they will:

  • Provide extensive research and solid recommendations
  • Respond to activists and public protest
  • Plan and orchestrates public hearings
  • Conduct issue assessments
  • Develop community involvement plans
  • Develop crisis prevention and response protocols
  • Develop strategy, help reach public and government consensus, plan and execute successful public involvement programs

And that’s just the start. To learn more about specific projects, please select a category from the above menu under Projects.

Both of these high profile and contentious projects had significant public
involvement and through the hard work and initiative of John and his team
ADOT received very positive response from the public.

-Floyd Roehrich, P.E., ADOT State Engineer

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