Thanks so much John – you were by far the best and most provocative moderator I’ve ever worked with and I’ve done dozens of panels across the country. – Steve Seleznow
President & Chief Executive Officer, Arizona Community Foundation

Thanks for the masterful service you provided to the panels…you were absolutely excellent… You were sharp, incisive and I thought carried the conversation on magnificently. – Eddie Basha, Bashas’ Grocery Stores

Thank you so much for the excellent job of facilitating and recording our meeting.  You guys are fantastic! – Penny Woods, BLM Project Manager

John, your participation in the conference was invaluable and absolutely added to the success of the event!  I sincerely thank you for all of the preparation that you did prior to the conference and the excellent job you did at the conference – we knew we picked the best!!  — Tracey Booth, Training and Development Coordinator, City of Peoria

The effort was rated very highly by the public on opinion surveys and was appreciated by those commuters who relied on the corridor for their daily travels. The Godec, Randall team performed above and beyond the basic requirements to ensure a professional effort with great results. Mike Chase, Stanley Consultants

…did an outstanding job of preparing the presentation and facilitating public meetings and drawing out and organizing comments from the public during the development of the Regional Transportation Plan.  …efforts provided a strong base of information that the Transportation Policy Committee used in the development of the Plan. Michael Connors, HDR Engineering

…contacted in the middle of a crisis on a Sunday afternoon and he very quickly focused in on our issues. He helped us make some key decisions under fire.  With his help we were able to successfully navigate uncharted waters. …a trusted advisor and a great asset to our team. Gregory Davis, Vice-President, La Petite Academy

If you need process discipline, work ethics, nationally recognized strengths in understanding what stakeholders need and how they think and act than you need the services of John Godec, one of the most understanding consultants I have had the opportunity to work with in over 25 years. Lawrence Hurst, Intel

I just wanted to let you know that the Godec class I attended yesterday was the most professional, interesting, and worthwhile … class I ever attended.  Catherine Coughlin, Arizona Highways Magazine

John Godec did an outstanding job in meeting our needs and ensuring that summit participants were fully engaged. His professionalism and tact were attributes that were highly valued in dealing with diverse and very opinionated audiences. Many of our workshop participants praised John’s facilitation and ability to keep the audience focused on the task at hand without being overbearing.  Jeff Sorensen, Arizona Game & Fish Department

With his insight, experience and creativity, John is a valued asset on any team. Amy Edwards P.E., HDR Engineering Inc.

Not only was the project potentially highly volatile, the DOT wanted the EA completed in eight months.  Godec, Randall & Associates Inc. developed and facilitated innovative and key public and agency involvement strategies unique to the project issues.  …GRA thoroughly and responsively managed these strategies.  In the end, the project was strongly supported by the public at large and city officials. Jack Allen, Vice President, Environmental Sciences, HDR Engineering Inc. 

Both of these high profile and contentious projects had significant public involvement and through the hard work and initiative of John and his team ADOT received very positive response from the public. Floyd Roehrich, P.E., ADOT State Engineer

John’s insight into communications strategy, his tactical ability to implement those strategies and his experience with public interface matters makes him a highly qualified individual. His extensive work in both the public and private sectors enhances those qualities. Edward Z. Fox, V.P Sustainability, APS/Pinnacle West Corp.

Thanks again for the excellent presentation over the five-day public participation course. We appreciate your skill in presenting so much material and for your keen ability to read and pace to the crowd. That was rather remarkable, I thought. Maria Arellano, Communications Consultant, APS

Collaboration is the only way to get big things like freeways and downtowns anymore. John Hall, Professor of Public Administration

He brings experience, depth, knowledge and humor in facilitating public meetings. I highly recommend him, and his associates. – Lisa Andersen, Arizona Department of Transportation

…facing a terribly disruptive construction project which impacted more than 150 businesses.  Godec, Randall & Associates understood the level of communication and information necessary to reassure these critical stakeholders. John, Bill and Kelly were critical members of our team. Stacy Pearson, City of Glendale

It was a wonderful presentation.  He gave great ideas.  Thank you so much for recommending him! – Kathy Grant, RN, COHN, Occupational Health Nurses Fall Conference

A belated THANK YOU…for ensuring that the First Annual MAG Regional Town Hall was a success!  Your ability to garner group consensus, change direction on a moment’s notice, and create a brand new dynamic afternoon session was greatly appreciated. Thomas J. Remes, Senior Policy Planner, Maricopa Association of Governments

Thank you very much.  The feedback from our team was extremely positive. – Debbi Hertle, WhiteOak Semiconductor, Richmond, VA

John kept people involved and gave us excellent tools to use for better public participation.  These tools will make us much more successful with our public and civic engagements. Anyone who is involved with public meetings and wants to have positive outcomes should take these courses. – Kathy S. Rice, Assistant City Manager

Thanks for your fast response and professionalism. – Steve Hancock, City of Glendale Transportation Dept.

I worked very closely with John for a number of years on public relations, crisis management, and issue management activities.  He is absolutely and positively the best there is!  Superb judgment, insightful, a great strategist and tactician, and one of the most genuine people you’ll ever meet.  Whatever kinds of issues you’re dealing with, I highly recommend John if you need assistance. – Dick Johns, Motorola Corp

Thank you for representing the City so well.  You helped make this a very positive experience for all. – David M. Goulet, Council Member, City of Glendale

…you’ve greatly exceeded my expectations. You have a great gift in working with people. – Joe Hull, Bradshaw Foothills Coalition

That was definitely one of the very best training experiences I have had, and without question it was the presenter & participants who made it so! – Jon Callaway, American Transmission Co.

Your discussion was well received by both members and non-members. It generated many questions and subsequent discussion. But even more conclusive is the evaluation attendees gave the program. Again, thank you for sharing your insights and experiences – Renee Moe, IABC

Your insights will add a great deal to our report. – Barbara B. Wells, National Governor’s Association

Carolyn was absolutely right about you —you’re a terrific guest. Thank you. I promise you one thing —- you’ll be back. At least we’ll ask. – Bill Strauss, KTAR Radio

Collaboration is the only way to get big things like freeways and downtowns anymore. – John Hall, Professor of Public ASU

Reviews from the audience were tremendous, and your contribution helped make the day a success. – Phil Cooper, Arizona School of Real Estate & Business

You’re a true class act. – Catherine Amiot, Governor’s Office for Excellence

Your insights will add a great deal to our report. – Barbara B. Wells, National Governor’s Association

Your presentation last night was outstanding! – Al Brown, Director, Environmental Research Initiatives, Arizona State University

Thanks for putting on such a good presentation the past two days and for inviting me to participate. It gave me new insights that I will gladly share.  I look forward to applying what I learned. – Roger A. Ball, Community Relations Manager/Public Information Officer, Maricopa County Department of Transportation

Thank you for a great opportunity to learn – it is rare nowadays to walk away from a learning experience and feel enrich not only as a professional but also as a human being. Thank you for enabling a truly a powerful experience! – Elna de Beer, Golder Associates Africa

Thank you so much for all the help that you gave us during the process.  Things would not have gone as smoothly without you. – Trevor Baggiore, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

The sessions were truly lively, definitely on-point, and certainly worthwhile. – Richard N. Wheatley, APR, El Paso Corporation

…after the great job you did with our class last week.  Thanks again for the hard work you invested in making sure we had a valuable learning experience! – Ann Gillespie, Booze, Allen Hamilton