Issue and Crisis Management

  • A woman was badly injured by a pit bull whose owner had been repeatedly warned and fined by local authorities for prior threatening actions of the animal.  GRA was enlisted to help manage the authorities public and media response and to then work with the local government to facilitate a policy promising better enforcement and preventing such incidents in the future.
  • Developed a crisis prevention and response protocol and plan for Tarmac America Inc. facilities in Florida and New Jersey.
  • Course developer and faculty instructor for crisis prevention and management training at Motorola University. Students included Motorola and facility managers and staff as well as senior managers for Motorola vendors and customers.
  • Developing a crisis prevention and management local and global plan and manual for Motorola’s Semi-conductor Products Sector. System was used by 36 manufacturing and design facilities worldwide and later adopted by Motorola Corporation.
  • Developing a crisis prevention and management protocol and plan, and conducting training for one of the largest mineral extraction and building materials firms in the eastern United States.
  • Researched and wrote article for national publication pertaining to National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program conducted for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
  • Co-developed a prevention, preparation, response and recovery (P2R2) crisis management plan for Motorola Corporation. Worked with global manufacturing facilities on implementation of site plans, training, simulations, and business impact analyses.
  • Oversaw development of an Issues and Crisis Prevention and Management informational Web site for Motorola SPS containing training information, issue background reports, site plans, call lists, emergency response reports, travel security alerts, and prevention techniques.
  • Served on the Motorola crisis management steering committee developing prevention and response policy and protocol.
  • Planned strategy and helped lead a team of engineers and compliance officers, carrying out a high profile, court-ordered closure of chronically non-compliant mobile home and RV resort in Quartzsite, Arizona. Planned and managed communication strategy and served as spokesperson for the issue which drew extensive local public protest, threats of armed resistance and interest from state, national, and European press. Developed and managed strategy to effectively handle the social, financial and health concerns of elderly and infirm low income residents of the facility. Established and managed a full-time mobile office to coordinate multi-agency relief efforts.
  • Helped design and oversee construction of the Motorola SPS emergency operations center serving 30 manufacturing facilities and 50,000 employees worldwide.
  • Worked with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Arizona Division of Emergency Management. and City of Tempe on proposal and implementation of Project Impact in Arizona.
  • Managed emergency response actions for a series of fires that destroyed several stockpiles of used and shredded tires on the Gila River Indian Reservation in Arizona.  Served as spokesperson, produced fact sheets, granted news media interviews and appeared as a talk show guest answering questions dealing with emergency response actions, air quality and health implications, statutory issues, tire recycling and policy.
  • Acted as news media spokesperson and co-authored fact sheets in the aftermath of a high profile mercury contamination incident at an apartment complex in Tempe, Arizona. Mercury, used in a mining reclamation operation, was stolen by individuals who became seriously ill. Extent of contamination required extensive and high profile remediation.
  • John Godec is the former Director of Issues and Crisis Management for the global Semiconductor Products Sector of Motorola Corporation. Developed a corporate program and supervised a staff guiding an $8-billion firm to be, and be recognized, as a credible and responsible corporate citizen. Developed and implemented a crisis prevention and management program for 32 manufacturing and design facilities around the world, employing more than 50,000 people.
  • Completed Incident Command Training, U. S. Department of Defense.

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