Public Participation is Key to Project Success

When the public outcry starts, the quicker you act, the more likely the chance of success for your project.  At Godec, Randall & Associates Inc. we have the ability to act quickly in a global environment. We know the importance of having public participation and acceptance for your projects. It improves the company image and helps get large publicly financed project built.

We have proven experience dealing with public anger, outrage and opposition in both the private and government sectors. Our solid foundation and experience in public participation, conflict prevention and resolution and issue and crisis management means we can provide solutions to your problems. Solutions both the public and your company can agree on.

Your projects have a better chance of success when you work with a company whose focus is solving your problems. We offer a wide variety of services and training classes to meet your needs.

Our Services:

  • Conflict Prevention and Resolution – When you’re headed into hostile territory go with guides who know the people and the terrain.
  • Issue and Crisis Management – The art and science of prevention, preparation, response and recovery, knowing that your reputation is determined not by the event as much as by your response to the event.
  • Public Participation – We work with organizations on proven and effective means to involve people in decisions that have a real or perceived impact on their lives when the goal is to build consensus.
  • High Stake Communication – When the outcome really matters, the issue is complex, the stakes are high, and public sentiment is important.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Successful companies need to be and be seen as responsible members of the community.
  • Stakeholder Relations and Consensus – Build effective and lasting relationships with the groups and people that you need.
  • Sustainability and the Environment – While most other businesses just ‘greenwash’ with PR tricks, you can choose a partner with 20 years of environmental and public experience.
  • Risk Communication – Managing public anger and outrage, and rebuilding trust.
  • Transportation and Infrastructure – GRA has successfully managed communication and public issues for projects costing billions of dollars. Lasting, sustainable decisions are technically feasible, economically viable, environmentally compatible, and publicly and politically acceptable.
  • Media – We’ll develop the strategy, response and messages and prepare your spokespeople to respond with credibility.

I worked very closely with John for a number of years on public relations, crisis management and issue management activities. He is absolutely and
positively the best there is! Superb judgment, insightful, a great strategist and tactician, and one of the most genuine people you’ll ever meet.
Whatever kinds of issues you’re dealing with, I highly recommend John if you need assistance.
-Dick Johns, Motorola Corp

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