Government Credibility Issue

While talking with some people milling around the back of a recent standing-room-only public meeting, I asked a guy what he thought of the agency official who’d just finished another mind-numbing half-hour PowerPoint presentation. He deadpanned, “Yeah, well, I’d like to buy him a new toaster for his bathtub.”

I had to give him a B+ for creativity. However, the sad truth is that, while we work with a lot of good, committed and talented public sector people and officials who are generally interested in the greater good, the greater good is generally no longer interested in them.

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Government Credibility is in the Commode  

The credibility and value of the people and institutions that manage and administer public policy are under attack at a level of intensity that most of us have never seen before. To do the work for our common benefit will require the (re) building of trust…and this is a good place to start:

Expertise, experience and education don’t seem to mean much to a lot of people who really only pay attention to things that they think are truly relevant to them. The solution isn’t easy, but there are strategies to deal with the challenge:

Edelman’s 2017 Trust Barometer measures the attitudes of 33,000 people in 28 countries. It’s not a pretty picture, and not just for government. Edelman also looks at business, media and NGO’s…they’re all tanking. People trust individuals far more than they do institutions, which means that rebuilding trust starts with rebuilding interpersonal relationships, one at a time:

Talking about relationships in a professional setting makes a lot of people uncomfortable. So, as long as we’re on that subject, let’s take it one step farther:

Most solutions to fixing the lack of credibility and mistrust of institutions applies about equally to government and business…trust has to be earned:

If Government Really Is Broke, Maybe This Can Fix It 

People have been complaining about government since government was invented. However, if you actually have a better idea, then it might be worth $5 million.

Good luck and remember who told you about this…my birthday’s coming up:

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