Mad as Hell, Millennials & Workin’ It

Jerry Seinfeld has been talking lately about political correctness run amuck and he hasn’t been too kind to Millennials. He, Chris Rock, Larry the Cable Guy and a few others have stopped doing college gigs ’cause kids are now too PC.

In my line of work, I see growing evidence that people of all ages and from all walks of life are now working really hard to be offended. The source is usually something that they don’t really care about, but getting bent out of shape is all the rage these days so why not, eh?

I’m not talking about being perturbed or mildly offended here. I’m talking about getting worked up into the kind of lather that only comes from good old fashioned, self-imposed and self-righteous outrage. This usually fake tizzy is something that we’ll try to discuss in the future.


You’re Mad as Hell & You’re Not Going to Take It Anymore  

In managing people’s outrage, the objective is to encourage their willingness to talk about to their own self-interests. That’s where negotiation occurs, compromise is found and good things can happen. This is one of the best, brief essays on emotion and negotiation that I think you’ll find:

If I wanted to write self-help blogs, then this story would be a dream come true. I don’t, but I think you’ll find it useful anyway. You know that anger is a manifestation of frustration. As such, it stands to reason that learning to stop being so frustrated is very useful in this frustrating business…

By all accounts (and a recent bestseller), Steve Jobs was a brilliant dick. The following piece is about negotiating with people like him using your Emotional Intelligence:

A Millennial Moment  

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce recently released their research on generational definitions, attributes and tendencies with a focus on Millennials. It’s detailed and enlightening:

We’ve talked about this topic before…the art of human, civil conversation is slowly eroding. It’s worth considering from this perspective:

Employee Engagement and Communication  

More clients are becoming interested in applying the public involvement skills that they’ve learned over the years to engage their own employees. Captain Obvious says this is a terrific place to start:

According to the 2012 Gallup Employee Engagement Index, about one third of all employees globally are actively engaged; nearly 20 percent are actively disengaged and the rest -just about half- are on the fence…

It’s pretty common for employers to want their people to feel like they’re engaged but still not really want to give up any of their power or control to them. Welcome to the dilemma:

It’s about creating an emotional connection between your people, the services they provide and the people they provide it to…

Last one, I promise…here’s how Southwest Airlines does it. Ding! You are now free to move about the newsletter:

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