Tweets, Cred, Hope and the Wisdom of AIG‏

AIG just magnanimously announced that the company will not be joining a lawsuit against the government — us — that spent $182 billion to save it from collapse. The investment firm of their former chairman filed the original suit which says that the government didn’t fairly compensate AIG shareholders when it took an 80 percent stake in the company for the bailout. So for a time they contemplated suing the fire department that saved their house. And we’re the firefighters. 

Someone’s going to say it wasn’t personal, just business and they decided against it after all, but at what point did public arrogance and stupidity become acceptable? When did it become OK for organizations to have that much gall, hubris, chutzpah and conceit, and to make it public?!
AIG isn’t that unique; it’s becoming more common in business and government. Bad consequences for bad behavior are the only lessons that stick for most people and there have to be consequences for AIG…we owe it to them. How much you wanna bet there’s a meeting somewhere in AIG today wondering why they have a lousy reputation?   


How Do You Get & Keep Their Attention?

People amble in, side conversations are underway all over the room, folks are wandering around and you have to find a way to get’em focused and rolling. Using a 2×4 is frowned upon, so are you sometimes perplexed about how to get things started?

Ask an engineer what time it is and he’ll tell you how to build a watch. It’s an old and cheeky line, but not one that’s confined to any single profession. Although experts love to talk about what they know, it turns out that less is indeed more. A lot of these tips lean towards business, but they apply just as much to the public sector:

Here are the five most common presentation mistakes:

Twitter’s a 24-Hour Party

Some social media is tough for a few of us to understand. Let’s face it…it’s a new way of thinking and interacting that just didn’t exist before.
I ran across the following article that put one piece of social media architecture into perspective for me. I think it’ll also make sense to you:

Losing & Building Credibility

Your personal cred is constantly in motion. Subtly or dramatically, you’re always either gaining or losing it and the same goes for your organization. Here are five clear ways to lose it:

And while on the subject of credibility (and hubris), the Harvard Business Review has their own take on General David Petraeus, little David and company:

Toodles to ’12 & Hope for ’13

In our final farewell to 2012, I’d like to offer last year’s funniest tweets…

A list of last year’s 10 best and 10 worst communicators…

And hope for 2013…

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