Hands, Help and Home Health

I’m in the middle of a few days off to recharge before jumping into a couple of new challenging assignments and training projects. I’ve had more people ask me to address specific issues in this mailer, so I’ll do my best to honor those requests.

Remember, I waste my nights and weekends (and vacations) surfing the web so you don’t have to.


Handy Presentation Skills

I’d just finished working with a client to prepare her for a major on-stage presentation, and we’d talked a lot about what to do with her hands. Whether you’re a waver or a pocket stuffer, I think the first link below explains the rules handily (sorry):


This client had solid facts, but my task was to make sure that she really connected with her audience. The second link offers three (3) simple tips to ensure that happens:


If You Want Help, Just Ask!

The effectiveness of public participation is rooted in making better decisions by including the input of people affected by those decisions. Getting people involved isn’t a passive exercise — you have to ask. Click on the first link below to learn how:


The question of whether or not public involvement really works is (almost) answered in A Manager’s Guide to Evaluating Citizen Participation. You can download the PDF in the second link from Syracuse University and the IBM Center for the Business of Government:


Get Good at Googling

How good of a Googler are you? Every once in a while I run into something that I wish I’d known before, and am glad that I finally found. This is one of them:


What’s News? I Dunno…What’s News With You?

For some reason, news releases have been a hot topic lately. So, in response to reader questions, I found some examples of the latest thinking on the subject. These include some answers on using search engine optimization (SEO) for news releases; a list of things that bug reporters and bloggers the most; what you need to do to build great relationships with readers, and a list of the most overused words and phrases. I hope it’s useful:









You Gotta Get Out of the House Once in a While


A lot of people these days are engaged in smaller, home-based operations often involving just a single person. There’s joy and satisfaction in working this way and most people wouldn’t trade it for the world. However, you still need to remember to get out of the house once in a while:


Great Training:

Public Engagement Certificate and Dealing with Angry Citizens

I’ll be in Chicago for the five-day IAP2 Public Participation Certificate course at the end of April. Ten thousand people around the world have completed this course.  It’s the foundational class for public involvement.

Our host is the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) in the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower in the heart of the Loop. I hope we see you there.

Our newest class is hands-on, immensely practical and has never been more relevant.  We’ll focus on the roots of the “Occupy” movement, civility, angry people and managing opposition during the two-day Emotion, Outrage and Public Participation (EOP2) class. 

IAP2 Certificate class:

  • April 30 – May 4 in Chicago

EOP2 class:

  • March 12 & 13 in Calgary
  • June 4 & 5 in Vancouver
  • June 14 & 15 in Chicago
  • September 24 & 25 in Halifax

We bring customized versions of these classes and others to organizations of all kinds anywhere, so call or email me for more information.

For currently scheduled U.S. class registrations click on:


For currently scheduled Canada class registrations click on:


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