What we have heaahh is…failure to communicate.

Failure to Communicate

Strother Martin’s character the Captain in ‘Cool Hand Luke’ delivered that iconic line in the title of this e-mail.  Many of us in the communication biz have thought of it thousands of times when we see a message flop or ignored.  Everybody thinks they can communicate so everybody’s an expert, right?  It’s remarkable to see how easily communication breaks down in organizations and often it’s tough to quantify.  ‘Till last month. 

A Wisconsin court handed PepsiCo a $1.26 billion default judgment in late September. 





People Angry?  Ask ‘em.


Keeping with our communication theme a story about a neighborhood confrontation on a Harvard Business blog offers three simple steps to communicate that you’re actually listening – and turning it into a martial art.    







 The five best ways to screw up your next presentation


Carmine Gallo is a presentation coach and author of the upcoming book The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs.   Having seen Jobs speak several years ago I can attest to the fact that he’s a really gifted presenter.

The five biggest screw ups are:

1.      Talking too long

2.      Death by PowerPoint bullet

3.      Lack of rehearsal

4.      Reading slides

5.      Ignoring your body language and delivery



Dealing with enemies after you’ve won.

I found an interesting article in – of all places — Computerworld Management written by the author of the book ‘Leading Geeks.’  (Love that title)  

The piece most obviously falls into the category of office politics but it’s very relevant to any kind of relationship building under a variety of circumstances.  In a nutshell: Success requires knowing what to do after the victory to consolidate your gains and ensure future support.



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