If you happened to see any television news the past couple of weeks you probably saw the story of Susan Boyle who just won ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ .  I can’t bring myself to get excited about or watch the U.S. version but if the results were a little more like this I might reconsider, this is one of those storys that cuts through the cynicism.  I got an email distribution this week from Marc Cenedella of TheLadders that I thought you’d like.   

Let me set the scene.

You’re a dowdy 47-year-old from Northern England. “Never been married, never been kissed.” No love in your life. No job. No luck.

But you have a gift within you. And you know it.

And you’ve somehow managed to make your way onto a TV Show called “Britain’s Got Talent” and you are now standing on a national stage.

The crowd is hooting with derision. That smarmy judge on the left is snickering at you. Simon Cowell is rolling his eyes. Everybody is pretty much certain that “little old you” is going to crash and burn in a way that will be hilarious to all.

You’ve “never been given a chance before.” And it’s pretty easy for everybody to understand why. You’re an odd-looking lady from the North. They are serving you up to the laughing wolves for the sake of the television audience. This is going to be funny.

What do you do?

What do you do?

Well, if you’re my new personal hero Susan Boyle, you wrap your two hands around the microphone and slowly focus and…

Then you sing your song to the rafters. Your lift your voice to the heavens. You give a life-defining performance, and you sing an audience of millions into tears.

You hit your high note and bring a lump to the throat of the judges.

You bring the audience to their feet and watch as they realize they can’t possibly reach their hands high enough in the sky to applaud you.

You inspire a planet.

You knew you had the gift within you. You just needed to be given a chance, that’s all you ever wanted.

And when you got your chance, you shined brighter than any starlet or supermodel ever could.

Readers, I know I’ve learned a very important lesson from Susan Boyle this morning…

Dream Your Dream.

Warmest Regards,

Marc Cenedella
Founder & CEO
TheLadders.com, Inc.

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